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My poetry and prose poems..mythical and modern, real and metaphysical.

Thankye to The Bees Are Dead for publishing my poem The Samaritan Machine Re Person Of Interest-US TV Series




this field pond
is only my
thought drops
of summer rain
making fractal ripples
drumbeat on skin.
a portal shared
with cawing crows
who scams and snoops and shoots
in contract conversations.
this windsong
of Virginia Creeper,
ruling Bear and Wolfsbane
rustling in black bamboo
trusts its Samaritan Machine
telling it who to redact
in this imposed
of dumbed-down masses
worshipping Carousel.

‘The Samaritan Machine’
Strider Marcus Jones has graced us yet again with one of his surrealist dreamscapes. Juxtaposing the urban, and tenuously justified, murderous machinations of ‘Person of Interest’ with the exotic flora of three continents, Strider shows us that not all horror comes in aesthetically displeasing forms. That travesty happens on the sunniest of days, during the warmest of rains, amidst the call of birds, and often takes advantage of a society stupefied by the elegance and/or distractions encircling them, again and again and again.…/samaritan-machine-strider-…/

Really chuffed to have a poem in The Recusant



Strider Marcus Jones
Weeds Left

weeds left,
wilt in the sun
without work and water.
their seeds
are the wild flowers,
waiting for volcanic wind
and ash to fall,
so the fertile cinders
can colonise herbaceous borders
ending the old age
of selfish sediment
treading it down
in molecules of time.
another Marxist
dons his trench coat
and tears pages from his red book
planting the old words
of revolution
in minds of homogenous compost.
over-privileged gallows begin to swing.
bullets sweat in their chambers
waiting for the right heads.

Strider Marcus Jones © 2016


Delighted to have 5 poems in the TRIBUTE-Pirates Anthology



The Bees Are Dead: **PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT** Well, it’s not very often that you’ll see a rhyming poem on a hip-and-happening, politically conscious, pessimistically grey-scale webzine such as The Bees Are Dead. But. ‘The Mad Hatter Hiding in Dark Matter’ is a masterpiece of timing and chiming that manages to click its fingers to the beat of dystopian dissonance. Strider Marcus Jones serves us bombs and the disparity of privilege in pill-form, helping us to wash it down with a cup of steaming farce and surrealism. Best read aloud.…/mad-hatter-hiding-dark-mat…/




in our house

i binned the radio

for playing Strauss-


left the suited rodeo

of casino Faust

and shot the gentry shooting grouse.


into the wild garden

without spun jargon

we went


through rusting arch of rose dissent

onto the precipice of peace

where slush borders grip and grease


like usurping tectonic plates

shapeshifting smaller states.

their innocents bombed and dispossessed


join our shoaled oppressed

of obedient possessed-

while The Mad Hatter


hiding in Dark Matter-

says blame them, instead of Strauss

in suits playing casino Faust


and enslaving gentry shooting grouse.


The Mad Hatter Hiding in Dark Matter – Strider Marcus Jones




Gloopy Bitumen by Strider Marcus Jones

In Between Hangovers

don’t wait for me,
i’ve got to go
before the treason
on the grassy knoll

that broke a generations
golden dream,
becomes sanguinary
back to stream.

each time a hero comes-
he falls,
God made a Black man King-
uniting races, breaching walls

to make just history
all gunned down
but seeds sown in.

Marx and Engels
told the truth,
while Che and Lenin
gave it youth-

but power picks, the scabs of politics,
infesting minds and skin-
silencing subversive lips
in shoals of gloopy bitumen.

on the back of Eagle,
acting legal-
two Brothers
of the Gold and Blood,
the neighbourhood;

but Others
shun these hand me downs,
and gather
in Their fields and towns-

this status quo-
with lores and lost philosophies
to mend this Age we break and sow.

Strider Marcus Jones Strider Marcus Jones – is a poet, law graduate and ex civil servant…

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Gloopy Bitumen by Strider Marcus Jones

don’t wait for me, i’ve got to go before the treason on the grassy knoll that broke a generations golden dream, becomes sanguinary back to stream. each time a hero comes- he falls, God …

Source: Gloopy Bitumen by Strider Marcus Jones

Chuffed to have some of my love poems in The Children of Orpheus Anthology – Edited by Rebecca Anne Banks and Bruce Kauffman


The Children of Orpheus Anthology features the writings of Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Stephen Bett, Strider Marcus Jones, Zo-Alonzo Gross, Alexia Zakariya, Jeevan Bhagwat, Gregg Dotoli, Michael Thomas Allen, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Cassy Welburn, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Bekah Steimel, Megan Merchant, Elizabeth Beck, Lila Hope-Simpson, Su Zi, Jennifer Footman, Judy Hall, Kenneth Kesner, Psalm A Praise, Edilson A. Ferreira, Rebecca Anne Banks. The Children of Orpheus poetry anthology was lovingly edited by Rebecca Anne Banks and Bruce Kauffman. The Anthology is available at Amazon Station. Proceeds from the Anthology sale will be donated to the Chez Doris Drop-In Centre for Women in Montreal. “for those subterranean blues”


Delighted to join other fine poets in mgversion2>datura mgv2_86 | Proletarian Literature | 10_16 edited by Walter Ruhlmann & Jan Bardeau. The perfect home for my 3 poems:”The Samaritan Machine”, “Boots of Harley”, and “Submissive in Sub-Human Herds”




Red Sky by Strider Marcus Jones

In Between Hangovers

i forgot to put my image in a photograph.
it was walking with a crowd inside a dream;
humming songs, that once turned on a phonograph
who have left this herd, unseen-
to its shadows of indifference
and coats pulled-to in self defence,
searching for omnipotence-
red sky too intense.

do i stay, or go now?
work it out for me?
what is left to grow now?
to make, and be?

black doors in the distance,
let in specific light,
while opposites of resistance
limbo in twilight-

like wicks without matches,
living in opaque eyed hatches
and wired stone-
drawing heavy bolts and nervous latches
for pawn heroes, in cold dispatches,
now splinters of bone,
not coming home.

Strider Marcus Jones Strider Marcus Jones – is a poet, law graduate and ex civil servant from Salford, England with proud Celtic roots in Ireland and Wales. A member of The Poetry Society, his five…

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