Stunned and humbled by this perceptive 5 star review of my 5th book Pomegranate Flesh on Goodreads by author M T Ceres. Thankyou. Most appreciated.

Pomegranate Flesh


Pomegranate Flesh

by Strider Marcus Jones (Goodreads Author) 4.60  ·   Rating details ·  10 ratings  ·  6 reviewsRead 40/75 poems, and reviews from this book free on wattpad…


i’ve set so many fires
in the deepest desires
on this road
and am close
to what they hold-
the most
for human love
and equal revolution
without the bloody fist and glove
of brutal evolution.
see, how gold cartel caravans
and religions in corrupt polarity
have usurped the pagan
shrines of all humanity-
making us serfs again
in unframed Lothlorien,
in chains that were strings,
ciliced by mortifications mesh,
while our mind and limbs
long for love’s pomegranate flesh.

The poems in this collection show Strider’s gift of being able to weave words into creative and surprising configurations. He manipulates words to do his will, taming them with his love for the sounds, rhythms and cadence of language. The result is poetry that is fresh, wild, sensual, and new. His poetry lulls the reader into hypnotic and sensual trances with imaginative renderings of lush landscapes of the mind, body,and nature. Pomegranate Flesh is a wonderful compilation of poems, resonating with a poet’s passion for life, love, and language.

The Pomegranate is the national fruit and symbol of Armenia. It represents fertility, abundance and marriage. One ancient custom widely accepted in ancient Armenia was performed at weddings. A bride was given a pomegranate fruit, which she threw against a wall, breaking it into pieces. Scattered pomegranate seeds ensured the bride future children.……(less)


Paperback, First Edition, 128 pagesPublished October 10th 2012 by Lulu PressISBN1291117318 (ISBN13: 9781291117318)Edition LanguageEnglishOther EditionsNone foundAll Editions | Add a New Edition | Add an Alternate Cover Edition | Combine…Less DetailEdit Details

FRIEND REVIEWS (10) 5.00 average rating

Jul 13, 2020M.T. Ceres rated it – it was amazing

This was a gift from my daughter because it contains one of my all time favourite poems, ‘Lothlorien’, and what a poem this is.
The words skip and dance hypnotically to create a poem that has a real epic feel to it – I could honestly read a book of Lothlorien – the rhythm feels soporific, but suddenly a line will appear that punches you right in your conscience. A wonderful weave of fantasy and reality with tension between the natural in terms of tribe and habitat with the unnatural in terms of politics and corporate corruption. Reads like a song, reminds me of the tempo of some classical epics like the Ancient Mariner.

There are so many poems I loved in Pomegranate Flesh, notably the title poem but another absolute favourite was ‘Childhood Fires’ for its honesty, descriptive power and the well crafted positioning of the poets background in terms of class and family. In my opinion, this is a well delivered slice of social history in poetic form, that avoids caricature due to the poets skill in painting a picture with words, that evoke strongly poignant memory. Stylistically, for me, it was evocative of Ken Loaches ‘Kes’. Timeless and Northern. A brilliant poem.


2 thoughts on “Stunned and humbled by this perceptive 5 star review of my 5th book Pomegranate Flesh on Goodreads by author M T Ceres. Thankyou. Most appreciated.

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