Delighted to have 3 poems published in Dreich Magazine Extra 2 ‘Winter’ edition in December 2020. My thanks to editor Jack Caradoc.


we walk by the river
talking inside ourselves,
like rhapsodies in two reflections-
different, but the same.

the path, the fence, the fields-
unknown obstacles that stare
through then, and now, beyond-
have heard love chime before.

ahead the river breaks
going separate ways,
but we stick to the same side
in the willow woods

and farms of flooded fields-
with ascension stroking
each reaction
phosphorous in the rain.


when i look back
in a moment
of quiet acquired dignity
that comes to some
with age,
it is with patience,
for i was much the same
when everything seemed bigger
than it was
as uncertainty
wore the other shoe to confidence
and followed it step for step.

the energy of youth
that often acts
without respect and understanding-
to bluff and blag its way
in fashion and musical rebellion-
skips like stones
on the ponds of those who have it all
from Parliaments revolution-
but their ripples wane
through treacled trends
in this dumbed down democracy
soothed by drugs and drink.

apathy watches and laughs
at these new roundheads and royals-
jigging their booty
to tunes composed
by capitalist cavaliers-
wearing each despotic Emperor’s new clothes,
and a known assassins kiss of death
waits for anyone who questions-

so it goes.


this coffee is hot-

but paradise is cold,

and Mephistopheles is not

about, tempting me with gold

and pouting pleasures of the flesh

with their alluring mesh-

so Morpheus to hold

in broken secrets being told.

this dreamer in his underwear,

parts from the bottle, and leaves it there-

some touched,

not much

with stale camembert-

no fun alone,

moving around inside, unknown-

disturbed from bed to chair.

it synchronizes well,

how past and present both compel

a sleep on understanding-

the beat of love with sand in

the texture of its taste,

trapped in silence,

waxed to waste-

with nothings nonsense

in its face.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Delighted to have 3 poems published in Dreich Magazine Extra 2 ‘Winter’ edition in December 2020. My thanks to editor Jack Caradoc.

  1. I enjoyed each one of these very different poems. This is my personal impression: The first was sweet. The second was a sadly accurate comment on politics. The third highlighted how alone we all are in the final analysis! Congratulations on their publication! All the best! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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