Welcome to Lothlorien Poetry Journal founded by poet, editor and publisher Strider Marcus Jones. Submissions OPEN.




1.  Submissions are always open and free.  Lothlorien Poetry Journalpublishes periodically throughout the year.
     * Poems:  Include 1-5 poems in the body of your email or attached as a word doc in font  Times New Roman 12-14 point, 150 lines or less. I also consider Haiku, Senyru and Tanka (minimum 5 each) and video poetry readings. Title your submission – eg. Poetry Submission by John Smith and  send to LothlorienPoetryJournal@outlook.com. Also include a brief bio of 200 words or less and your photo.
     * Flash Fiction: Include 1 flash fiction piece, no more than 1000 words in the body of your email or attached as a word doc in font Times New Roman 12-14 point. Title your submission – eg. Flash Fiction Submission by John Smith and send to LothlorienPoetryJournal@outlook.com. Also include a brief bio of 200 words or less and your photo.

2.  We prefer unpublished poetry/flash fiction but will consider previously published work if the publishing rights have reverted back to you as author and you credit the original publisher. Do not send simultaneous submissions.
3.  If published, please wait two weeks before submitting again.  If your submission is rejected, please wait one month before submitting again.

4.  Failure to follow these simple guidelines will ensure that your submission is immediately deleted.  I have many submissions to read through and do not have the time to reply to someone and explain why I can’t accept their submission.
5.  Lothlorien Poetry Journal acquires exclusive one-time online/electronic and print rights to publish poetry and to maintain archives that contain current material.  After publication, all rights revert to the author.  If the work should be published in the future, Lothlorien Poetry Journalasks only for credit.
6.  All works will be published on a rolling basis.  Expect a wait time of 2-4 weeks for a response.
7) Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to pay our contributors but we will promote the work we publish on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to see your poems soon.
8) Lothlorien Poetry Journal publishes periodically, 2 or 3 issues every year, so every 6 or 4 months. Contributors to each issue ( selected from the best work published on the Journal’s Blog ) will be notified prior to publication and will receive a free word doc copy of the issue that features their work. A print and E-book version of each issue will be available to purchase on Amazon Books and Lulu.com.
Lothlorien Poetry Journal nominates for the Pushcart Prize.

*  Help spread the beauty of Lothlorien Poetry Journal.  Submit, follow, join the site and invite your friends.

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