Delighted to have my poem I Want To Bend Time published in Dreich Magazine’s themed issue SC-FI. My thanks to brilliant editor Jack Caradoc.


I want more time
To ponder life,
For understanding
In the cosmic soup.

I want to bend time
To travel backwards and forwards,
To see what was and what will be
To fathom actions and consequences.

I want to unmould time
From how we shape it,
To be free of it
Unchained to think.

I want to teleport
To the past and now and on from here,
Faster than light
In the nothingness it takes to make a thought:

To find the answer-
To where we come from
To who we are
To why we are here

And where we are going
To be free from time.

Strider Marcus Jones – is a poet, law graduate and former civil servant from Salford, England with proud Celtic roots in Ireland and Wales. A member of The Poetry Society, his five published books of poetry reveal a maverick, moving between cities, playing his saxophone in smoky rooms. He is also the founder, editor and publisher of Lothlorien Poetry Journal

His poetry has been published in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, Germany; Serbia; India and Switzerland in numerous publications including: Dreich Magazine; The Racket Journal; Trouvaille Review; dyst Literary Journal; Impspired Magazine; Literary Yard Journal; Poppy Road Review; Cajun Mutt Press; Rusty Truck Magazine; Rye Whiskey Review; Deep Water Literary Journal; The Huffington Post USA; The Stray Branch Literary Magazine; Crack The Spine Literary Magazine; The Lampeter Review; Panoplyzine  Poetry Magazine; Dissident Voice.

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