Delighted to have my poem – Love is Stripped to Sharing Bread published in Dreich Magazine’s superb Summer Anywhere anthology. Good to be with many of my favourite poets. Thank you to brilliant editor Jack Caradoc. .

Summer Anywhere anthology from @Dreich25197318. Grab a copy here:


we were kissing  

and dancing 

to a kitchen song, 

talking with our wine 

and smoking bong; 

then you pushed your pierced pin 

of forged fire 

further in 

the groove of my desire 

with your tongue. 


up the creaking wooden escalator- 

“let me do you” i said 

peeling back your petals 

with my voice: 

love is stripped to sharing bread 

abroad-in plain rooms-where Nora and Joyce 

reject precious metals. 

it brings to craggy green cliffs 

that STILL talk- 

of two minds, in the sea born mist 

of one thought- 

why should four legs walk 

under clouds adrift. 

glum damp rock moss cups 

when we go to ground 

under body musk 

and pagan sound- 

the meaning of the hour 

when lit lusts flower 

fills the air 


at last 

and future does not imitate the past. 

Strider Marcus Jones

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