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Lothlorien Poetry Journal’s first published volume of poetry and prose features the work of sixty- three internationally renowned poets and authors. Join us on our journey in The Fellowship of the Pen. Be moved and inspired by their individual poetic voices from every continent on Earth and discover that there is more to life that unites us than divides us.

Strider Marcus Jones – Editor

Contents – Poets

Editorial Poem by Strider Marcus Jones Pages

J S Watts

1.         Bubblewitches                                                14-18

2.         Craft

3.         Two Crows

Steve Klepetar

1.         On the Snowy Street                                       19-20

2.         Unfinished House

3.         Lazy Starling

Lauren Scharhag

1.         Priestess                                                          21-27

2          The Gilded Monk

3.         Necromancy

4.         Where Man Doth Not Inhabit

5.         Orenda

John Drudge

1.         A Hunger in Positano                                     28-31

2.         At the Shore

3.         Rage

4.         Spout

5.         The Pull of Stonehenge

Antonia Alexandra Klimenco

1.         Irish Whisky                                                    32-36

2.         Pisces Rising or Why Mermaids Don’t Limp

3.         If Ever

Gopal Lahiri

1.         Reorder                                                           37-39

2.         Photo Frame

3.         Unheard Echo

Adele Ogier Jones

1.         Dragon mountain (i)                                       40-43

2.         Dragon mountain (ii)

3.         Dragon mountain (iii)

4.         Growing earth

John Grey

1.         Married Name                                                 44-48

2.         When the Other is Dreaming

3.         Dan, the Naturalist

4.         The Beach in Winter

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

1.         Insomnia                                                         49-53

2.         Bonfire Night

3.         His Mind Games

4.         Devotion         response to Trinity by Adelia Prado

5.         Ardnamurchan Point


1.         Existential trauma                                           54-59

2.         Saying All There Is To Say

3.         Invention Of A New Meaning

4.         The Uncertainty Of Glass Locks

5.         An Eye Is Seen, And Still Another

Louise Ceres

1.         Count Voivode’s Valentine                            60-63

2.         Sacral Inner Space

3.         The Black and Silver Realm

4.         Insoluble Separation

Michael Minassian

1.                  Desire                                                              63-67

2.                  Close Relatives

3.                  For The Rest Of Us

4.                  Light

5.                  Razor’s Dawn

Simra Sadaf

1.                  Wasted Youth                                                 67-71

2.                  Autumns

3.                  Kite and Manjha

Moe Seager

1.                  November Western Pennsylvania                   72-75

2.                  I October

3.                  Bird Talk

4.                  Valentine offering

Patricia Walsh

1.                  Asking for It                                                   76-81

2.                  Praise of Zeitgeist

3.                  Pushing and Pulling Envelopes

4.                  Chocolate Soldier

5.                  Breaking Another Window

Scott Thomas Outlar

1.                  Masquerade                                                     82-85

2.                  Of Frequencies Resplendent

3.                  Apples & Owls at Midnight   (Space Wave Version)

Yuu Ikeda

1.                  Because, Although, But, I Love You             86-87

2.                  It Was My Life

J D Nelson

1.                  Why is there no world in the book?                88-89

2.                  Is that you humming?

3.                  Like smart a-macks that period o’ the text

Fotoula Reynolds

1.                  Harmony                                                         90-91

2.                  Almost found

3.                  Language floats

Terry Wheeler  things that splinter

1.                  Nomenclature                                                  92-96

2.                  who

3.                  omelette

4.                  murakami

5.                  shadow play

Denise O’Hagan

1.                  Nature’s grand chandelier                               97-100

2.                  Still the rain kept falling

Max Heinegg

1.                  Kidney Stone  for Jeff Albertson                   101-103

2.                  Stumper

3.                  The Groundhog of Gull Bay

4.                  Odd Man Out

5.                  Kindling

Attracta Fahy

1.                  The Blue Flower of Chernobyl                       104-107

2.                  Tired of news

Stephen House

1.                  The Moo-Moo Café                                        108-112

2.                  Caroline  

Lorraine Caputo

1.                  Iguana Dreams                                                112-115

2.                  Astray

3.                  Arica

4.                  Ghosts

Ryan Quinn Flanagan

1.                  Deck Chair                                                      116-118

2.                  Apologies, Zephyr!

3.                  Hand’s On

4.                  Mustard Lip

5.                  Throwing the Game  

 Laily Mahoozi

1.                  Exile                                                                119-122

2.                  Sterile Colour

3.                  Fixed

4.                  Revel

5.                  Diplomacy

Christopher Cadra

1.                  At Sea                                                             123-124

2.                  Another

3.                  Omission

4.                  Maybe Zombies

Christine Tabaka

1.                  Darkness Unfolds                                           125-128

2.                  Dust to Dust

3.                  No Turning Back

4.                  Nursery Rhymes

G J Hart

1.                  How Things Begin                                          129-132

2.                  Morning Run

3.                  Washing Up

Lynda Tavakoli

1.                  Cold Tea                                                          133-135

2.                  The Coldness of Crows

Prithvijeet Sinha

1.                  She Once Bloomed Like The Daisy               136-137

Elizabeth Mercurio

1.                  Elegy for Ophelia with the Sky Full               138-139

Robert ( Roibeard ) Shanahan

1.                  The Edenic Sequence                                      140-150

2.                  Mutualism

Christina Martin

1.                  The Gift                                                          151-155

2.                  Paradise

3.                  Sea Haiku Sequence

4.                  Steamed Yellow

5.                  Sky Cow

Tim Heerdink

1.                  Final Flight as the Fog becomes Night           156-161

2.                  The Fourth Horseman

3.                  The Knottseau Well

4.                  TRAUM(A) for John Berryman

Isobel Granby

1.                  Tolkien Sonnet 1                                             162-163

2.                  Tolkien Sonnet 2

Poul Lynggaard Damgaard

1.                  The last human being                                      164-166

2.                  Notch

3.                  The distance of silence

Jeanna Ni Riordain

1.                  Beneath the Chimney                                      167-168

2.                  The city stirs to life

Tom Montag

1.                  From The Old Monk Poems                           169-170

Susan Tepper

1.                  Withheld                                                         171-172

John Patrick Robbins

1.                  Beyond The Deception                                   172-173

2.                  Death in Doses

3.                  New Poems In Old Shoes

Angel Edwards

1.                  Maybe Angel Wings                                       174-176

2.                  All of them Spirits

3.                  Bourbon

John W Sexton

1.                  Riding a Giraffe                                              177-178

Soodabeh Saeidnia

1.                  The Mansion She Inherited                            178-181

2.                  Rootless

3.                  Garden of Memory

4.                  Micropoetry

Jonathan Butcher

1.                  A Swift Divide                                               182-185

2.                  Second Sight

3.                  Domestic Circus

4.                  The Opposite

Patricia Nelson

1.                  First Sailor                                                       186-189

2.                  The Three Weird Sisters Speak to Macbeth

3.                  Macbeth

Michael Durack

1.                  Angel of Death                                               190-193

2.                  Venus And Madonna

3.                  A Key In The Lock

4.                  In The Forest of Language

Kathryn Crowley

1.                  Daisies In Jamjars                                           194-196

2.                  Ode To Crows

Roger Haydon

1.                  Our Privilege                                                   197-199

2.                  Where I Walked as a Child

Sultana Raza

1.                  Keen on Tolkien                                               199-202

2.                  Epitaph

3.                  Orphic Crown

Januario Esteves

1.                  Caelum                                                            203-204

2.                  Perseus

3.                  Libra

Margaret Kiernan

1.                  Flash Fiction                                                   205-207

Grant Tarbard

1.                  Overture                                                          208-209

2.                  Visit Your Blessings When You Exit The Gift Shop

Greg Patrick

1.                  Mirage and Horizon                                        210-215

2.                  Calling Orion

3.                  The Goblin King’s Sigh

Marie C Lecrivain

1.                  Thursday morning                                           216-217

2.                  Mare Australe

Steven Fortune

1.                  Miss Ganymede                                              218-219

2.                  Destiny’s Spadework

Iulia Gherghei

1.                  Late Winter Story                                           220

Arik Mitra

1.                  Perambulators                                                 221-222

Lisa Reynolds

1.                  In Mourning (for Shannon)                             222

Ken Gosse

1.                  A Sandalous Tale                                            223-224

Bruce Morton

1.                  Anecdote of the Bottle                                    225

Will Nuessle

1.                  Just Checking                                                  226-227


Lothlorien Poetry Journal is a literary journal featuring free verse/rhyming/experimental poetry, short stories, flash fiction, video poems and occasional interviews with poets. Journey with us on the road to poems that linger and haunt. Discover poems of enchantment, fantasy, fairy tale, folklore, dreams, dystopian, flora and fauna, magical realism, romance, and anything hiding deep in-between the cracks.

Lothlorien Poetry Journal publishes periodically, 4-6 issues every year. Contributors to each issue ( selected from the best work published on the Journal’s Blog ) will be notified prior to publication and will receive a free PDF copy of the issue that features their work. A print and  E-book version of each issue will be available to purchase from lulu.com and Amazon Books.

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Editor Strider Marcus Jones

Strider Marcus Jones
Is the founder, editor and publisher of Lothlorien Poetry Journal.
He is a poet, law graduate and former civil servant from Salford, England with proud Celtic roots in Ireland and Wales. A member of The Poetry Society, his five published books of poetry  https://stridermarcusjonespoetry.wordpress.com/ reveal a maverick, moving between cities, playing his saxophone in smoky rooms.
His work has been published in over 150 poetry journals, magazines, reviews and anthologies in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, India and South Africa including : Dreich Magazine; The Racket Journal; Trouvaille Review; dyst Literary Journal; Impspired Magazine; Literary Yard Journal; Poppy Road Review; Cajun Mutt Press; Rusty Truck Magazine; Rye Whiskey Review; Deep Water Literary Journal; The Huffington Post USA; The Stray Branch Literary Magazine; Crack The Spine Literary Magazine; The Lampeter Review; Panoplyzine  Poetry Magazine; Dissident Voice and Piker Press.
He is the author of five books of poetry:
Pomegranate Flesh, Wooded Windows, Mavericks, Inside Out and Aspects Of Love.
The links to his books can be found below.

For his published poetry books: Aspects Of Love; Inside Out; Mavericks; Wooded Windows and Pomegranate Flesh see:



Read poems from his books with reviews and comments onhttp://www.wattpad.com/user/striderma.

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i’m come home again

in your Lothlorien

to marinate my mind

in your words,

and stand behind

good tribes grown blind,

trapped in old absurd

regressive reasons

and selfish treasons.

in this cast of strife

the Tree Of Life

embraces innocent ghosts,

slain by Sauron’s hosts;

and their falling cries

make us wise

enough to rise

up in a fellowship of friends

to oppose Mordor’s ends

and smote this evil stronger

and longer

for each one of us that dies.

i’m come home again

in your Lothlorien,


yellow snapdragons

to take wing

and un-fang serpent krakens,

while i bring

all the races

to resume

their bloom

as equals in equal spaces

by removing

and muting

the chorus of crickets

who cheat them from chambered thickets,

hiding corruptions older than long grass

that still fag for favours asked.

i’m come home again

in your Lothlorien

where corporate warfare

and workfare

on health

and welfare

infests our tribal bodies

and separate self

in political lobbies

so conscience can’t care

or share

worth and wealth:

to rally drones

of walking bones,

too tired

and uninspired

to think things through

and the powerless who see it true.

red unites, blue divides,

which one are you

and what will you do

when reason decides.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. Pomegranate Flesh. 


i must have broken every scripture

thinking about the sculpture

of your face

your blossom face.

modelled in skin

with bones hid in


and confessions-

understanding them

i feel again

impressions of your senses

aroused when sensual steam condenses

on quivering quill and quim

pouring out and in.

smoking in the dark-

still floating, on the pillows, you used to arch

giving up to me

quaffing thirstily-

then, i stand glowing

with sweat like a god

from the peat bog

lovelust growing

mo anam chara

mo ghra.Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. Wooded Windows.


you taste of cinnamon and fish
when you wish
to be romantic-
and the ciphers of our thoughts
make ringlets with their noughts
immersed in magic-
like mithril mail around me
stove dark forest, pink flesh sea
touchings tantric-
make reality and myths
converge in elven riffs
of music, so we dance it-
symbols to the scenes
of conflict, mavericks in dreams
that now sit-
listening to these pots and kettles
blackening on the fire
of rhetoric and murderous mettles-
before we both retire
to our own script.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. Mavericks.


i wait
and listen
for the faint fall
of her footsteps
and the soft lilt
of her ethereal voice
that hangs in the air
to the shape and sound
of musical notes
that move like Degas’ dancers
around the thoughtful beauty
of her fabulous face
to become lucid
with loves weight
but weightless and warm once worn
as their essence enters me.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. Inside Out.


so far back
deep in the magma of you,
with thoughts i lack
suddenly coming too.

so far back
in your words and feelings hue,
your molten track
a furnace of fire anew.

the pleasures foretold
in this word unglued,
now mine to behold
falling for you.

come love, etch your runes
onto sensuous skin,
and make my empty waiting rooms
ripple with longing.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. Aspects of Love.

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Lothlorien Poetry Journal nominates for the Pushcart Prize.

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Honoured to have my poem “A Shaman Speaks” published in Issue 7 of Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal on 16th December, 2020. My thanks to editor Mysti S. Milwee.



Bird sun-dance
On blue water:
Eagle fly
Free in sky.

Salt flats basin
Great white sea
Bare of grass
And prairie tree.

Shadow That Comes Inside
Says the white-man’s wasting kiss,
Grows because he does not know,
Where the center of the Earth is.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. All Rights Reserved.


From the Editor: Mysti S. Milwee

Congratulations to all my fellow brothers and sisters that have contributed to Issue 7 of Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal. Warmest Welcome, y’all have a “uwoduhi adanvto” (beautiful spirit). Issue 7 highlights a rather diverse beautiful collection of Poetry and Prose; Collaborations in Art and Poetry; Photography and Art Photography that transcends with beauty evoking nature, beauty, animals, and Native American culture. The Cover Art “HARVESTING THE FALL” is rendered by the Editor and is an ekphrastic collaboration with poetess Venus Jones. I hope you all enjoy and share the beauty of this issue with fellow poets and creatives in the world. Thank you for contributing!

Congratulations to the following fellow contributors for Issue 7:

* Venus Jones & Editor Mysti S. Milwee

* Winston Derden

* Tali Cohen Shabtai

* Kathryn Kuklinski

* Carl Scharwath & Annette Nasser (Collaboration)

* Nivedita Karthik

* Stacy Savage

* Ermira Mitre Kokomani

* Joshua Corwin

* Strider Marcus Jones

* Marc Carswell