In Between Hangovers

don’t wait for me,
i’ve got to go
before the treason
on the grassy knoll

that broke a generations
golden dream,
becomes sanguinary
back to stream.

each time a hero comes-
he falls,
God made a Black man King-
uniting races, breaching walls

to make just history
all gunned down
but seeds sown in.

Marx and Engels
told the truth,
while Che and Lenin
gave it youth-

but power picks, the scabs of politics,
infesting minds and skin-
silencing subversive lips
in shoals of gloopy bitumen.

on the back of Eagle,
acting legal-
two Brothers
of the Gold and Blood,
the neighbourhood;

but Others
shun these hand me downs,
and gather
in Their fields and towns-

this status quo-
with lores and lost philosophies
to mend this Age we break and sow.

Strider Marcus Jones Strider Marcus Jones – is a poet, law graduate and ex civil servant…

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