Delighted to have my poem Dark Drawn Man published by The Piker Press on 11th November, 2021.My thanks to editor Sand Pilarski.

Dark Drawn Man
 Strider Marcus Jones

Dark Drawn Man

dark drawn man
in two – legged sedan,
Diogenes least
the more i am.
a worn down crease —
like blotched butterfly wings,
that drop in tokens
on imaginings —
lost, but living
through drought and giving.

dark drawn man
of wiccan, glam
rock and folk —
who likes a smoke;
hermit and ham,
sometimes a dam
for the waterfall
of it all —
bohemian and gothic,
romantic, hypnotic,
hates cam.

dark drawn man
whose thought beats flam
on sticks
of words
his focus and blurs
without tricks
of prussian blue
and cadmium red
the way Modigliani drew
his mistress on his bed.

Sophocles was right!
the darkest days, catch chinks of light —
running out of Ram,
but love is who i am.

Article © Strider Marcus Jones. All rights reserved.
Published on 2021-11-08
Image(s) are public domain.

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